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Which documents you need to rent a car in Dubai?

On RentIn we have cars from different owners. So requirements may vary. But the main list of document looks like that:
1) International driver license. Driving without an IDL in the UAE is forbidden. We can give you a car only if you have international driver license. Also, driving experience should be minimal one year. 2) ID or passport. The driver should be 21 years old. But, the minimum required age may vary, depending on the rental company. 3) International credit card. Bank card must be personalized. Keep in mind that the card must have the required amount for the deposit. 4) Voucher, if you have booked car online.
Take the required documents very seriously. And your trip will be amazing and relaxing. United Arab Emirates are on 1st place in terms of road infrastructure development in the world in the Global Competitiveness Report (for 2016-2017). And this means that there are the best roads in the world! Driving on such roads is a great pleasure! So rent luxury car on RentIn and enjo…

How to make eco-friendly event?

Have you ever think how your event influences on environment? In some countries are very popular green parties. Invitations from recycled paper, eco menu, eco tableware, and the eco event under the open sky. This will save not only natural resources, but also decrease your own costs. There are not so many similar events in UAE. But the number of eco-events is increasing every year.
Here is 5 ways how to make your event more eco-friendly.
• Reduced paper and wood Invitations from recycled paper or paperless invitations is the easiest way to reduce the environmental impact, when you are preparing an event.
• Use reusable utensils instead of plastic For the event is better to rent porcelain and glassware. It looks better and doesn’t cause such harm neither to nature, nor to change the taste of food.
• Rent instead of buying Rent is great alternative to buying new interior items – tables, chairs, tents etc. Dresses and costumes for theme parties can also be rented. An RentIn is a place where yo…

5 fun facts about hot air balloons

5 fun facts about hot air balloons:

• First hot air balloon flight was 5 June 1783. It was in France. And the pioneers were the brothers Montgolfier, Joseph and Etienne.
• Hot air balloons can fly very high, almost in space. Indeed, the height of the flight of the balloon is regulated by temperature, heating or cooling. There are practically no height restrictions.
• Hot air balloons can fly at temperatures from -20 to +40 degrees. Thus, they can be used everywhere and at any time of the year.
• At the same time, hot air balloons can lift into the air from 3 to 6 people. But there are those that are designed for more people. In the past, balloons raised hundreds and hundreds of people, such balloons were called airships.
• You can fly not only for 20-30 minutes in a hot air balloon, but also for a day or even a week. There are round-the-world ballooning travelers. The first person, who have made such journey, was Steve Fossett in 2002. He flew 34,000 km in two weeks.
And you can rent hot ai…

The most effective life form in the world

Sitting on a bicycle, a human becomes the most effective life form on Earth in terms of the ratio of effort and the amount of movement that this effort creates. No other living thing on the planet spends so little energy for its movement. And this is if we consider only riding on a flat surface.
When you ride a bike downhill, the energy of gravity of the earth reduces the need for muscle efforts, reducing them to a minimum. If you take the same amount of energy that a cyclist and a pedestrian spend, the speed of the first will be three times faster.
With an average walking speed, a person uses 6 times more energy than riding a bicycle. Running 4 times exceeds cycling in energy intensity, and at the same time even the most trained athletes cannot match the cool cyclist.
So if you want to be the most effective life form on Earth rent a bikeon RentIn!

New tower in the Al Sufouh

In Dubai, were presented a new tower mega project near Burj Al Arab.
The tower called Burj Jumeirah will locate in the Al Sufouh area. There are already a number of popular attractions, such as Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Knowledge Village and Dubai Internet City. The first stage of the building should be completed in 2023.
The design of the central tower, which is 550 meters high, was inspired by desert, sand dunes and oases. The facade will be covered with digital displays that can be used for various occasions and celebrations. From the tower will open a panoramic view of the entire city. The skyscraper will have kind of "crown" with a lounge and restaurant at the highest point of the building.
The base of the tower will be made in the form of the fingerprint of Sheikh Mohammed and will intended for various social, cultural and artistic events. Here will locate fountains and an open amphitheater with a terrace.
We already are waiting for incredible flats rental in this amazing t…

The highest helipad in the world.

The highest helipad is in UAE on one of the skyscrapers. On the territory of one of the tallest buildings in the world - the Burj Al Arab Hotel - is located the world's highest helipad. It soars at 300 meters high above the Persian Gulf. But most of the time the helipad is used in another way. Here were motorcyclist demonstrations, popular clips and several photo shoots for fashion magazines were filmed here. But the main purpose of the platform is a place to play tennis, accessible to hotel guests.
It is absolutely impossible to fall from it by accident. Under it stretched high-strength wire mesh, which is able to protect against falling.
But sometimes the high-ranking and wealthy hotel guests arrive at the place of rest by helicopter. And then the platform is used for its intended purpose.
Today, a helicopter tour is one of the most exciting and interesting ways to have fun. And we offer you amazing helicopter tour!
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