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Advantages mountain bikes.

Today exist so many types of bicycle: road bicycle, hybrid bicycle, desert bicycle, mountain bicycle. Which one will be a good choice? Many specialiststhink, that mountain bikes are the most practical and universal. It’s true, because they are really very comfortable, reliable and durable.Besides, they don’t need special care and have very big opportunities. For example, mountain bike may be used for riding on flat asphalt or on off-road.
Similar models have strong and wide wheels. Also, they have very powerful tread and large number of gears. So we can make conclusion, that this transport has great speed and good ability to overcome obstacles.
Frame in this type of cycles is lightweight, but strong. Besides, it has special geometry and amortization plug, what makes you off-road trip much easier.
And the last but not least. Mountain bikes permanently improving their quality. In contrast to road bicycle and hybrid bicycle, they regularly get new opportunities.
So, if you are looking for …

4 reasons to choose chauffeur service

On people can rent car with chauffeur. But if you are not sure, why you need it, here we have some good reasons to do it.
1. First off all, you don’t need to drive. So, you don’t need to stay focused on the road. You can do your businesses during a ride: read, do phone calls, prepare for meeting. And, of course, if you don’t have driver's license, then it’s the best solution.
2. After that, it is a good decision for tourists in Dubai. All chauffeurs know city very well. They know all about streets, traffic jams and others features of the city. So you can be sure, that they will bring you in right place on time. This is especially important for business meeting.
3. During all time in car you will be in safety. Driver has big experience and he takes all responsibility. All cars are checked before departure, so you can feel certain, that all technical part is in good condition.
4. Anytime during the day automobile will be near. Do you need to stay longer in some place? Negotiat…

Wakeboard or water ski?

If you are bored with lying down on a beach, then maybe you want to try some water sport. Today exists many kinds of activity, but the most popular are wakeboard and water ski. But what is better? Let’s look at the difference between them.
Water-skiingit’s a sport, where sportsman ride after powerboat and balance on one or two ski.
Wakeboarding is a sport, which consist of riding on board. It combines skiing and snowboarding.
They look very similar, but have some interesting differences.
Level of difficultyProfessionals find ski much easier, than board. How complicated it will be exactly for you depends on many reasons. For people who can ski, it will be better don't change their habits. Or, if you can snowboard, skateboard, then choose a board. Generally, learning how to ride will take only 15-20 minutes. Traction optionsRiding wakeboard is possible with 2 ways: motor boat or cable route. Riding ski is carried out only with a help of powerboat. Different technique of ridingDuring ridin… is great platform for business.

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And only till 31.10 we ha…

Best places for diving in Dubai

Not everyone knows that in Dubai you can have one wonderful experience of scuba diving. If you want to see with your own eyes exotic underwater world, then we know some perfect places. Dubai mall.You will be really surprised, but it’s possible to dive in the mall! In Dubai Mall is one of the biggest aquarium in the world. Under water, you can find 30 000 sea inhabitants and more than 300 various fishes. There people scuba dives near a shark!
Fujairah Beach.This beautiful place located near Dubai. In average 2 hours of driving by car. But it’s an amazing place to dive. On Fujairah divers can see colorful corals, exotic fish and other sea creatures. For comfortable diving on Fujairah you can choose one of many snorkeling companies. They offer session with visiting some coral reefs or small wrecks. Dibba RockIncredible corals, green turtles, exotic fishes, and black-tipped sharks, Dibba Rock has something for everyone. This is one of the most popular places for diving or snorkeling. Water t…

The fastest plane on earth

Did you ever dreamed of traveling around the world? Do you think that it takes months? Today you can fly around the world for a couple of hours!
Boeing X-43 is the fastest plane on earth. During the tests it was fantastically fast – 11 230 km/h. It’s more than speed of sound in 9,6 time.
This plane was made by NASA, Orbital Sciences Corporation and MicroCraft Inc. It took about 10 years of researchs and a quarter of a billion dollars to do this fast machine. It is not so big. Plane’s length is only 3,6 meters and width only 1,5 meters. To fly with this speed it takes blend of oxygen and hydrogen. And for weight economy it has no tank for fuel, it takes oxygen from the atmosphere.

How to make the best kids party ever?

How to make the best kids party ever? It’s not so hard!
Here is check list, which helps you to keep all under control. Сhoose comfortable place and decorate it.First of all, you need to choose a place, where will be party. If it’s warm outside, then would be lovely stay in a garden or park. There kids can run and jump freely.
On the other hand you can spend time in café or Entertainment Center, where kids will play with clowns or enjoy some attractions.
When place was chosen, it’s time to decorate. You can make thematic decorations or just have balloons, lights and flowers. You don’t need to buy all this stuff only for one party. You can rent event equipment on Rentin.
Think about games, clowns, magicians etc.Here you have a lot of options. You can invite professional clown, magician or prepare all games by yourself. But it’s important to consider kid’s age and their interests. For little children you need easy and short games, no longer than 20 minutes. For teenager you can take more dif…

5 beautiful places for skateboarding in Dubai

Do you like skateboarding? Great! If you want to become a first-class skater, so it’s not enough just ride across a city. Ramps, rails and ledges to grind – that what you really need to do your best tricks! Today we will tell you about 5 greatest places for skateboarding in Dubai. 1. Skate Biladi, TashkeelThis skate park proves us, that skateboarding isn’t just sport! Skateboarding is an art! All year around peoples all ages come here to ride. This is one of the most beautiful skate parks. 2. Bay Avenue SkatePark, Business BayThis park makes happy all skaters since 2014. It’s not very large, but it has all what you need: ramps, poles and track to practice your skills.
3. XDubai, Kite BeachThis is the biggest skate park in all UAE. It located on 3100m2 of Kite Beach. There you can find 11 bowled corners, 3 flatbanks and 2 bowls. And if you just make your first steps in skateboarding, this is the best place to learn, because there is regular skateboarding lessons. 4. Rage Bowl, Dubai MallSka…