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Ras Al Khaimah tourism.

Conquest of the peaks Ras Al Khaimah is an amazing experience, which you will never forget. Picturesque landscapes are here not uncommon. This is a vast desert and flowering oases, conservation areas and date farms, mountain ranges and an extensive coastline. Here nature is in all its manifestations.
Among nature lovers who come to this Emirate, prefer to go hiking in the Grand Canyon in Wadi Bee. Although if you wish, you can take a bike ride. All necessary sport equipment you can rent on RentIn. The grand scale of the canyon can amaze even experienced travelers. The height of the mountain cliffs reaches 1 thousand meters above sea level. From this height there are truly fascinating views of the surrounding countryside and the waters of the bay.
Here, guests and tourists will be offered a variety of holiday destinations, from a serene beach holiday to active and frankly extreme sports. You are expected not only to city attractions and architectural monuments, you will plunge into the w…

We are looking for partners!

RentIn is UAE rental services aggregator. Our service collects information from the best providers rental services in categories such as:
Property rental (short term, long term)
Car rental (from budget to luxury)
Yacht rental
Avia rental
Tourist equipment rental
Exhibition equipment rental
Construction equipment rental
RentIn is a wonderful place not only for tenants, but for business too. We know that every business is unique and needs individual approach. And we ready to offer you many options for partnership. No matter if your company is big or small, we can find a solution to develop any of it. Attract more customers, increase your income and help people to find your goods for rent easily and quickly.
Just contact us to learn more!

How to organize ideal Valentine’s Day?

Tomorrow is the day of all in love. So, we prepared 5 simple ways how to make this day ideal.
1. Coffee in bed. Wake up a bit earlier in this day and make delicious drink and maybe special breakfast. This is the best way to start your romantic day. We are sure your darling will appreciate it. 2. Create romantic plan of the day. Don’t stay all day at home. You can go to the cinema or theater, or in amusement park. Maybe you will go in sea on boat, or drive around the city in luxury limo. Do what you like to do together. 3. Decorate your home. It helps you to make romantic atmosphere. You will need just some creative ideas and hands. Or you can rent all decorations on Rentin. 4. Don’t forget about little gift for your sweetheart. It shouldn’t be expensive. You can give something very nice and valuable for your second half. You can buy something or make it by your hands. 5. And of course, at the end of the day, prepare delicious dinner. You can cook it by yourself at home or buy ready-made …

The longest car in the world.

The longest car in the world is limousine, that is 30,5 meters long. This limo has 2 driver's cabs. They are placed on both ends of the car. This solution provides comfortable driving in one and in the opposite direction. This multipurpose vehicle has 26 wheels, two engines, has 12 axes. It turns, only folding in the middle. The car is used mainly for exhibitions or filming in movies.

On RentIn we also have exclusive limousines, for example Big Red – the biggest limo in UAE. You can stand there almost in full growth. You can Rent it right now. Rent it on RentIn!

How to make unforgettable date night for Valentine's Day?

Saint Valentine’s day is one of the most romantic feast of the year. This is a perfect day for alllovers. We have three great option for you! And all of them will bring you and your sweetheart amazing impressions.
1. Romantic evening on yacht. The romantic evening on a yacht is one of the most delightful ways to see the beauties of Dubai. Just you two on cozy yacht admire sunset and enjoy delicious food. You can rent any boat only for you two, but we especially recommend this beautiful 45-ft yacht. 2. Romantic dinner at home. This very budget version of date can be really memorable. Just add some beautiful details to your exquisite dinner. You can find some decoration and furniture to create awesome atmosphere on RentIn. For example you can rent picnic table, fairy lights, buy some flowers and your garden will turn into fairytale. 3. Night journey on luxury car. Rent incredible Ferrari 488 GTB and go for a long drive in the night city. Add to this option dinner in restaurant and amazing…