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How to make magic new year for kids?

New year is lovely feast for kids. But it is important to make it interesting for them. You can involve them in every process starting with preparation. All starts with big three. Your kids can help you to choose one and to decorate it. Then you can make together colorful invitations cards. Even if you are planning to celebrate new year only with family member. It will be good idea to make Christmas cards with your family photos.
For the new year evening prepare plane of games. Outdoor activities and games for a little quiet time. Don’t forget about competition for the best carnival costume. But everyone should get something pleasant.
Another important activity is dances. Choose famous new year’s songs and kids will be happy to dance a little bit with you.
Of course the culmination of the evening is meeting with Santa Claus. Prepare a man for this role. He can give presents not only for kids, but for adults too.
At the end you can make some fireworks in your garden. Be attentive with pyr…

5 Best cars on RentIn!

As you know, is a web-portal for goods rental. Today we have more than 600 cars in our catalogue, and we want to present you 5 best cars on RentIn!
Lamborghini HuracanSpyder for AED 4 400 per day. It is incredible combination of Italian style and handmade, power and safety. High speed, high comfort and everyone in a five-mile radius will hear the baleful snarl of an engine.

Ferrari 488 Spider for AED 4 200 per day. Some people name this new Ferrari the most ideal in history of company.Rent Ferrari car in Dubai and become unforgettable experience of driving. It has characteristics of really perfect car.

Rolls-Royce Ghost for AED 3 150 per day Rolls-Royce ghost is a full-size luxury car manufactured by Rolls-Royce Motor cars. Like other current Rolls-Royce models, the Ghost is a unique car, which leaves no chance for other cars of VIP-class.

BMW 730Li for AED 1370 per day. New BMW 730Li (2018) is a view of modern luxury. It has modern technologies and high quality of every details…

What you should know before renting a car?

Renting a car is the easiest way to be free in your movements. But there are some rules and tips, that you should know before you do it.
First of all, if you are younger than 21 years, or if you are driving license less than 1 year, it can be impossible to rent a car. But it depends on car owner.
It’s better to book a car online, before your trip. Don’t forget to print your voucher.
If you are planning to visit many countries be sure, that you know all about rules of rent. Departure to some countries may be prohibited or possible for an additional fee.
Taking a car check all damage and scratches. It’s better to make photos and write down them.
Ask the owner about insurance. You need to know what to do in case of accident or if car breakdowns.
All in all, read all documents carefully and be attentive driver. And the best cars for rent are on RentIn.

5 places to visit in UAE

If you are bored in Dubai, it is a good idea to rent a car on RentIn and go to explore UAE. Today we want to tell you about 5 beautiful places to visit in UAE.
1.Al Jahili Fort This fort was built at the end of 19 century. It was made for protecting the city and citizens shelter. Around the fort is beautiful garden with palms, fountains and games for children.
2. Al Ain Paradise Near Dubai is big park with incredible flowers from different countries. It is unique in the world. Flowers were chosen with special way, when some fade away, others are revealed in the same place.
3. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque The most famous Mosque in Abu Dhabi was named as a sign of respect and love for the first president of the UAE. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque looks enchanting against the background of sunrise or sunset.
4. Al Jazeera Park This park is the best family park in UAE. There you will find everything: attractions for children and adults - swimming pools, small waterfalls, bowling, trampolines. Especi…

How to organize romantic Christmas?

If you want to make unforgettable Christmas for your loved one, we have really good idea for you. Spend romantic day full of love and miracle.
• Meet her on luxury limo. Inside you will find refreshment bar with ice pockets, leather interior and surround sound system. Tinted windows and dual privacy partitions will make incredible atmosphere.

• Make an unforgettable gift.Helicopter tour of a city is a privilege that few get to enjoy. You can choose from the 12-minute or the 22-minute tour. You will remember these moments all your life.
• Watch the sunset on the roof of luxury villa. Rent for holidays amazing 3-bedroom villa with roof-deck. You can cook amazing dinner together and eat it enjoying beautiful sunset.
Done! You are the best!
And all this you can rent on!

Party in limo is the best party!

If you want to make unusual unforgettable party, your choice is party in limousine! It is very original and interesting, fun and cool! You will remember this party all your life. You will enjoy beautiful views of city and in the same time dance with friends. Let’s talk about features of that kind of party.
Party in many places All is simple. Just take limo and go whenever you want. You can start in city center, then go to night club or in restaurant. So you can visit many places in one night. And during the road you can talk with your friends. Party in limo is freedom.
Party in limo is beautiful Limousine is suitable for any occasion: wedding, hen-party, bachelor party, birthday etc. Anyway you will have unique photos. Also, a car will be decorated and everyone will jealous you.
Everyone will have place This type of car is very spacious. In some limousines can accommodate up to 20 passengers. So you can invite almost all your friends!
Not worth than in night club In limousines on RentIn y…

Rolls-Royce history

Everyone knows about Rolls-Royce. They make incredible cars. But did you know how do they start?
Charles Rolls and Henry Royce were co-founders of this company, but this is miracle how do they met.
Charles Rolls was from very rich aristocrat family. He had 2 high educations and from childhood he was interested in cars. He was first Cambridge student, who has car. And after university his dream was to make his own car.
Henry Royce was frompoor family. He was 10 years old, when he started to work as postman. He finished only 1 class in school, but in free time he learned by himself French and German languages, electrical engineering and mathematics. Likely, Henry was talented mechanic and in 1903 he made his first car, which made a splash in all world.
At this moment Charles Rolls was looking for mechanic and he paid attention on Henry Royce. So 1th may 1904 in restaurant Midland was signed a cooperation agreement between Rolls and Royce. This day is the official foundation of Rolls-Royce…

How to organize New Year’s party?

Now is a good time to think about New Year celebration. To organize a good party is not so hard. The most important thing is your friends and family. And other necessary details for the best party ever you will find in our checklist.
Place. Where will you stay? Your party can be anywhere: at home, in restaurant, in nightclub, outdoors etc. It is only one condition: in this place should be Christmas tree.
Atmosphere. Without decorations you wouldn’t fell this New Year’s spirit. Important is every detail. Decorate room with lights, garlands and sparkles. Turn on Christmas music. Even smells of tangerines and ate are necessary.
Buffet table. Prepare something what will be easy to eat during the party. It can be some snacks. You need to have many options for any taste from usual dishes till vegan.
Gifts. It’s better to have a little gift for every guest. Little surprise will be pleasant to become no matter how old are your guests.
Fireworks. What is New Year party without good fireworks? The goo…