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Tips for future Dubai expats

You can always find a work in Dubai. The basic requirement is the knowledge of English, without it you won’t be taken to a large part of the vacancies.

Renting an apartment in Dubai is much cheaper than buying it. And the Real Estate market can offer you many offers. You can choose between several Dubai Real Estates on
For recreation, the inhabitants of the UAE choose the sea and walks through shopping centers, land and water sports, yachts for rent and amusement parks.

The prices in Dubai depend on the region. Dubai Marina and JBR are the most expensive.
The point is that you can find almost everything in Dubai, but you don’t need to buy all these luxury cars, private yachts and expensive bicycles – all things, that are popular among Dubai people, can be rented on Rentin!

Real estate: rent or purchase in Dubai? Statistics 2018

Dubai is often recognized as a country with a good standard of living, good business conditions and relatively inexpensive cost of renting real estate.

But what is better in Dubai in 2018? Rent or purchase of housing?
The average rental price throughout Dubai increased by 0.1% compared to the first quarter of 2017.
The average rental price of 1BR increased by 2.6%, and the average price for renting villas with four bedrooms increased by 3.3%. But prices for renting apartments with three bedrooms has decreased by 3.8%. Decreasing of prices was also in noticed in the most popular regions (Dubai Marina - 2.4%, Downtown Dubai - 4.6%, Dubai Silicon Oasis - 15.6%)

Prices for the purchase of housing
The average price of real estate in Dubai has decreased to 0.7%. But mention that the average selling price of housing in Dubai Marina increased by 15.5% with a general falling trend.
This leads to the fact that it is more profitable in Dubai to rent real estate both for renters and tenants.

Cars for wedding in Dubai

Every Dubai wedding is impossible to imagine without the rented cars. Renting cars for a wedding has become an established tradition. Everyone wants to hold the main event of their life in a car that will match the celebration - a brilliant white Ferrari or an incredible limousine.

You use usual cars rental, without a driver. But the best option is renting a car with a driver, using a chauffeur service. Renting a car for a wedding allows you to turn a wedding into a magical and enchanting tale, where the bride can feel like an elegant princess in an expensive coach, and the groom will feel like a real prince on a white horse.

Renting a car will save the newlyweds’ time. The rented car for wedding in UAE is equipped with all the necessary attributes for such celebrations: flowers, ribbons, balls and other decorations.

The technical condition of the cars for rent is not what you should worry about. Car rental implies their ideal technical condition. Because car rental companies are res…

Top 5 popular cars for rent from

1. Incredible sport car in a noticeable yellow color – Lamborghini Huracan Spider. This car will give you incredible speed and easy maneuverability in any conditions!

2. An amazing sport car with folding upstairs doors. Feel the vision of the future and views on you as you are passing by! All this is possible with McLaren 570s!

3. Audi a6 is popular due to convenience, good reputation and comparatively low price for rent!

4. Cadillac was made for connoisseurs of real luxury. Strong, courageous, enduring.

5. Ferrari has long established itself as suppliers of true luxury and speed. Rent a Ferrari - a dream for anyone who is interested in the world of cars. And we make the dreams come true!

All cars for rent in one place! Rent it on Rentin!

Water Sport & Tourist Equipment for rent in Dubai

The city of Dubai is inextricably linked with water and sports. And of course here you can find a lot of water sports that you will like. On Rentin you can search in the category of Water Sports and there you will find a lot of sports goods for rent. For example, one of the most popular products for rent is paddle-board. It is a slow sport to strengthen your health.

You can find something more extreme. For example, jet ski, jetovator or various activities connected with surfing. As, for example, surf ski, windsurf and kite surf.

There are also classic water activities for tourists like a banana ride or diving. But, if you want something unusual, the flyboard is what you need. This sport is gaining popularity in Dubai very quickly and it is quite extreme, although it is safe.

All these products for water sport can be found on the in the category Water Sport & Tourist Equipment. You can also find photos, information and phones of the owners of products for booking and commu…

Land sport equipment for rent in Dubai

Sport in Dubai is one of the most popular ways to have fun and keep yourself in shape. Dubai is equipped with a large number of bicycle paths for fans of this type of recreation and sports. There are also bicycle rentals in Dubai that provide mountain, city or hybrid bicycles. However, bicycles are not the only land sport in Dubai.

On the Rentin website you can see many different equipment for sports such as skateboard, roller skates, scooters, motorcycles. Not only land is foreseen for sport in the UAE, but also the desert. On the sand you can ride a sandboard, a safari car or a desert bike. For nature lovers, there are tents and all the equipment for them to spend an excellent weekend enjoying nature.

All of the above products can be found on the Rentin portal. It is very convenient and quick for tenants, because now all the goods are in one place. Look for the best product to start your active life in the Land Sport category - Rent on Re…

Helicopter for rent in Dubai

One of the most interesting and picturesque entertainment in Dubai is a helicopter ride. It will give you unforgettable emotions. It can be a great idea for a date or just to get some adrenaline. Contrary to popular prejudices, this is an inexpensive entertainment and it is definitely worth trying.

Dubai is a city where skyscrapers and excellent sea views are combined, and this makes your trip even more impressive and definitely will not leave you indifferent.

Dubai from the height of the airstrip fascinates and tempts, it's a great chance to look at this city in a new way.

On Rentin you can find any entertainment in Dubai - easily and quickly -! Our categories provide everything for a comfortable Dubai life, including helicopters. Use Rentin for your best helicopter ride in Dubai!

Where can you rent event and exhibition equipment in Dubai?

A party or any other event that requires a large number of people always need to be perfect. And Rentin understands this! Rentin helps you to find any party equipment in one place. Click here and you will find decorations, light, games, special equipment and so on.

Different parties assume different things for rent. For children's parties there are small chairs and tables, games, both board and active, also various bright and colorful decorations are used.
For weddings and celebrations awnings and long tables with decorations are especially popular.
For conferences, you can rent all necessary equipment including furniture, screens, racks and audio equipment.

Rentin has been made to make rent for you comfortable and enjoyable. No need to search for different sites because there are a lot of renting services with a good reputation on Rentin which kindly provided our site with information and photos of their goods for rent. Also for your convenience there are phones where you can bo…

Where can you rent a yacht in Dubai?

Life in Dubai is inextricably linked with the sea and yachts. Here it is a very popular type of recreation. There are many yacht clubs that provide the opportunity to hire a yacht.
Rentin will allow you not to get lost in choosing a yacht, because we have many services for renting yachts in Dubai in one place.

The yacht is now not a luxury, but an opportunity to have a great time in any company. It can be a romantic date, corporate trip, graduation, birthday or wedding. For your choice there are yachts of different sizes, colors and with different conveniences. A yacht party is always an event that is remembered. In addition, services for renting yachts in Dubai offer photo sessions, drinks, theme parties and music.

And is there something more unforgettable than a date on a yacht? This is a great chance to make an offer to your loved one in special conditions.

For tourists it is also popular to take a simple walk on a yacht with views of Dubai. It's better to start at dawn, so yo…

Cars for rent in Dubai

The car for rent in Dubai is something that is in great demand. Cars for rent can be useful both for tourists who want to travel around the city and local residents for business trips, special events, parties or simple movement around the city.

Rentin is a very convenient tool in the search for cars in Dubai and other Emirates.
Here you will find several rental services. We do everything for your convenience. You can compare photos, prices and equipment for yourself using our filter.

For ordinary walks around the city budget cars are suitable, and for special events there are premium and luxury cars. They are great for celebrations and weddings, also they emphasize your status.
Particular attention is always paid to sports cars that have incredible beauty and power. This is the choice of real aesthetes and speed lovers. But limousines are the most common type of car for rent for weddings and birthdays. will help you in choosing the right car for any of your purposes. It is v…

All you need to know about Real estate for rent in Dubai

For many people, finding an apartment in Dubai can become stressful. There are many real estate agencies in the number of which you can get lost. To choose the right apartment you need to consider several factors:

1. Duration of stay. You can find a lease for a long or short term. For several hours and for several years. Of course, the longer is the lease term, the cheaper the monthly payment will be. This should be taken into account

2. The number of people. A family of three can live in one or two-room apartment or studio apartment. If you come by a big company, it's best to rent a villa, it will provide a good and inexpensive vacation for everyone.

3. Amount. The price of an apartment depends primarily on its location. Apartments in Dubai Marina and in the center will cost much more. But there will be everything for a good life: supermarkets, shops, schools and entertainment centers. Also, villas and apartments near the water are of great value. If you want to save money, you can …

All about rent in UAE

This blog is dedicated to renting in Dubai. With our useful advice and tips renting will become pleasant and stressless! is a web-portal that was made to rent goods in Dubai and other Emirates in one place! On our website you can find everything you may need in Dubai no matter if you are a tourist or a local citizen. 

We provide space on our platform for trusted rental services in Dubai. 
Our categories include the most popular goodsfor hire:

1.  Rent flats, villas, townhouses, hotel apartments in Dubai.  We can offer you a place to live in for any occasion: a business trip, a family rest, a long-term renting, a honeymoon or a simple weekend.
2.  Rent cars in Dubai. Any prices for any occasions! From cheap budget cars to luxury limos for parties and events.
3.  Event and party equipment rental. Available goods for wedding, a kids party, birthdays, conferenced and more. Decorations, light, furniture. All you may need for your special day!
4.  Sport equipment for water and for land. …