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How to make Halloween party?

Halloween is a good reason for a party with friends. We have some great ideas about food, decorations and costumes for you.
Halloween celebrates on night of October 31to November 1. In this night are suitable scary costume, masks, unusual competitions and mystic topic of the party. And before you call all guests, you will need to prepare food, atmosphere and enactments.
Firstly, prepare decorations. Jack's lamp is one of the most recognizable symbol of Halloween. You can make it by yourself or ask your guests to do it together. It will be a good fun game. Also, take care about lightning. The best decision will be to take many candles and decorate them.
Costumes. No one can imagine good Halloween-party without costumes. Ask your friends to come in interesting costumes and make a competition with a price for the best costume.
Don’t forget about snacks. Pumpkin pie, candies, cherry or tomatoes juice will suit perfectly. If you have enough time, you can make cookies shaped like fingers or…

10 highest buildings in the world!

Modern technologies allow us to build very high houses. Giant high fascinatesand someone even scares. Today we will tell you about 10 the highest buildings in the world.
10.The International Commerce Centre – 484m It is in Hong Kong and has 118 floors. In the beginning building was designed 584 meters high, but in China exist a low according to which you cannot build houses bigger, then mountains.
9. Shanghai World Financial Center – 492m Locals name this construction as “Bottle opener” because of interesting hole on the top. It looks like “Bottle opener” for giant people.
8. The Taipei 101 – 509m This building is famous by high-speed elevators. You can “fly” from 1st floor to the top by 40 seconds.
7. Guangzhou Chow Tai Fook Finance Centre – 530m It includes flats, offices, shops and hotel. This house was built by 5 years. At the same time there can be found around 30 000 people.
6.Freedom Tower – 541m It is 1776 feet high - not a random number - this is the year, when was adopted the Declar…

How to organize desert safari?

Before we start, we need to remind you, that solo desert safari is dangerous, but if you follow the rules it will be the most unforgettable experience in your life.
Desert safari is very popular entertainment in Dubai. Travelers like this extreme adventure between colorful dunes. So let’s look what we will need for desert safari.
First of all, you will need a good jeep. You can rent a car on It’s better to go into wilderness with your friends and other cars. It will be much easier to pull automobile if someone will get stuck. Tell someone where you are going. If you don’t come back in time, they will start looking for you.
Prepare enough water and food; take headdress, sunglasses and first-aid kit (don't forget to take seasickness pills). Also put in your baggage spare wheel, jack, cable, shovel and wooden bars to pull the car out of the sand. It can be useful to take one extra gasoline canister.
And again, don’t forget that desert is dangerous. There you can easy lose your…

What is surf ski?

Surf ski is relatively new kind of sport. It includes elements from surfing, kayaking and paddling.
Surf ski is the most versatile watercraft. You can paddle it on rivers, lakes or oceans. In flat water, chop, big ocean and everything in between. You can easily go upwind or downwind and surf wind waves. The possibilities are endless.
Also, this is very safe kind of sport. The ability to capsize and easily remount a surf ski combined with self-bailing, makes it considerably safer than any kayak.
If you will often paddle, it can be really good addition to running or training in gym. During the ride you can work out your core, spine, shoulders, arms. For mans, this is a good possibility to reach perfect V-shape of body.
In contrast to usual sports, surf ski is a low injury sport. If you will follow some rules and technique, your arms and shoulders will be protected. And you can enjoy long paddling journey. If you fall from your board, it wouldn’t hurt more, than usual falling from bicycle.

Why rent real estate is better than buy?

Nowadays it is not so important to buy your own real estate if you travel a lot or doing business abroad. You always can rent it. Moreover, renting a flat has some significant advantages. Let’s talk about pluses of renting.
Mobility. If you are young and would like to live in different locations, renting will give you needed flexibility to move whenever you want. You need only pack your goods and return keys to landlord.
Low monthly costs. If you are a house-owner, your monthly payments will be bigger. Utility costs in flat are usually much lower, than in house. Also, you will be need to pay insurance, taxes or association dues.
Maintenance work. As a tenant you don’t need to repair flat or furniture, if something goes wrong. You just need to call to your landlord. Also, you don’t need to spend hours mowing lawn or shoveling walkways. You can spend time with pleasure.
Benefits. Sometimes with apartment you become some little nice benefits, for example: swimming pool, mountain bikes or fre…

How to create name for yacht?

Before people named their ships like their first love or animals. But this times have passed. In modern world we have yacht name fashion. Boats usually have simple short name, big yachts vice versa can have long, from several words, name. Often this names can tell us something about owner, or country, or city. Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything, it is just beautiful word or phrase. Usually owners choose simple or funny names.

For inspiration we have some examples of funny unusual yacht names: • «Crazy me»
• «Why knot»
• «Nevertheless»
• «Living the dream»
• «My choice»
• «No limit»
• «One more time»
• «Cappuccino»
• «Quid pro quo»
• «Mr. Lucky»
• «Lady Knock-Knock»
• «Double trouble»
• «Wild Baby»
• «My way»

As we see, ship’s title can be very different: funny, romantic, mystic, solemn etc. They can mean something or to be senseless. Any way you can find yacht for rent on RentIn with a name on your taste. Rent it on RentIn!

How to prepare for exhibition?

GITEX Technology Week starts next week. And we have some tips, what you need to know about preparation for exhibition.
Preparation is one of the most important part of successful show. Usually in company is a special person, who manage all process of exhibition from the start till the end. Generally, preparation starts for a half year of event.
Firstly, you need to define your goals. What do you expect from this exhibition? What do you want to reach? Good goals should be measurable, realistic and time-related.
After that, think about workplace. Stand have to be bright, but simple. In addition, it should be spacious. Visitors should feel freely when they are on stand. Also, think about special workplace, where you can quietly talk with potential client or even sing some documents.
Prepare materials for stand. Place in showcases samples of your products. Print brochures about company and a lot of business cards. Maybe you will need a zone, where people can test your goods.
And, finally, don’…

The biggest private yacht in the world

The biggest private yacht in the world was made by German shipyard Lurssen. Its name is Dilbar and belongs to Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov. It is 156 meters long and weight 15 917 tons.
Dilbar has speed about 42 kilometers per hour. Total area of insides rooms is 3800 square meters. Just imagine, only length of electrical wiring is more than 1100 kilometers. Also, it has the biggest swimming pool on private ship and 2 helipads. Price of this yacht is a big secret, but experts think that it may cost around 600 million dollars. Dilbar was built for 52 months. Usmanov bought it instead of old “little” yacht, which has 110 meters length. On the second place is yacht Al Said. It belongs to Sultan of Oman and weighs 15850 tons. And on the third place is Azzam. Its owner is Emir Abu Dhabi and it weighs 13 136 tons. Both of them was also made by shipyard Lurssen.
Impressively! Yea? Big luxury yacht for rent you can also find on!

4 things that you need to check before renting an apartment

When you decided to rent a flat, you may meet some difficulties or pitfalls. Today we will talk about 4 things that you need to control before renting an apartment.
1. Place. Place is one of the most important thing about real estate. Go for a walk around your future house. Pay attention at transport junction, safety and other important details. Maybe it located near noisy market or highway.
2.Neighborhood. Who will be your neighbors? Noisy and annoying neighbors can ruin the life in very comfortable apartment. Have small talk with people can be really helpful to take a decision about renting a flat.
3.Apartment. Be attentive looking around the apartment. Look in every room closely, especially bathrooms and kitchen. They are the most common places where you can meet defects. Test all electrical equipment, plumbing and furniture. All should be fixed.
4.Documents. Check all needed documents. Pay attention on details of contract, for example, date of payment, contract time, eviction order e…