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What is sport SUP?

Did you know, that Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is almost an Olympic sport? Yes, it’s surprising, but on paddleboard you can not only relax.
Nowadays, SUP surfing is very popular, because it is simple and everyone can learn it. It doesn’t depend to how fit you are. For many people it is a way to be close to nature and relax.
But today there are also SUP races. For professional SUP riders paddle boarding is really difficult sport, where you will need special training.
SUP is young kind of sport. First world championship was in 2012 in Peru. SUP racing has 4 basic disciplines: Sprint, Longdistanse race, Technical race and SUP surfing.Sprint is the fastest and short term race. Usually it is only 200-500 meters long. Longdistance race is a long marathon. It is 15-20 meters long and lasts 1,5-2 hours. Technical race has several circles with distance 2-5 km. It includes carrying the board along the shore and passing the surf wave. SUP surfing has same rules with classic surfing.
And what ab…

How appeared hot air balloon?

On RentIn you can rent a hot air balloon. Cool, yea?
But how appeared this aircraft?
All started in France in June 5, 1783. In this day brothers Montgolfier has made giant paper ball with volume of 600 cubic meters. Through the grape branches they filled it by smoke from the fire. So, this balloon climbed at 2 000 meters high. And after 10 minutes it landed in 2 km from the start place.
This achievement inspired another inventor Jacques Alexander Charles to enhanced development his hot air balloon, in which he used hydrogen. He with assistants made a big silk balloon. I was soaked with rubber and its diameter was 3,6 meters. First air balloon with hydrogen was started August 27, 1783. It flew so high, that people can’t see it besides clouds. But after 1 km hydrogen exploded inside balloon.
And today after 200 years we can fly by modern hi-tech hot air balloon.
If you want to explore this unforgettable experience, rent hot air balloonon!

Best deals are only on RentIn!

RentIn is a web-portal that included all goods for rent in UAE in one place. We have large choice of goods with different prices from very budget to luxury. So, everyone can find needed goods at reasonable prices.
We offer: ✔Real estateCarsYachtsAvia ✔Equipment for sport, tourism, event, exhibition and construction.
On our web site renting is easy as piece of pie. Just open a category, from the list choose needed good and then just click the button “show phone”. Or even simpler, just contact our FREE concierge service in all social networks and messengers: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber. Get the best deals from our expert for goods rental!
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Formula One in UAE

This year RentIn is a partner of Formula-1 in UAE. And we want to tell you a little bit more about this exiting competition.
First time Formula-1 came to Abu Dhabi in 2007 as Formula One Festival. At the festival it was announced Grand Prix 2009 in Abu Dhabi.
The track located on Yas Island, but Grand Prix names “Grand Prix Abu Dhabi”. Because this island is a part of emirate Abu Dhabi.
Track Yas Marina has many features. First of all, on this track racers should drive in changing conditions. They start in a day, when sun shines, and finish, at night with artificial lighting. It is very difficult.
Secondly,it is an unusually long straight, one of the longest among all straight lines on F1. All tribunes of autodrome are covered. It’s unique in all tracks, where pass parts of Formula One.
And the last feature is hotel in center of track. It has 5 stars and 550 rooms. You can watch the race from your windows.
And how about you? Will you follow Formula-1?

What is the difference between kayak and canoe?

Such boats as kayak and canoe are very popular today. They are maneuverable and light. This boats can sail in places where usual vessel will have many difficulties. But not everyone knows the difference between kayak and canoe.
The main difference is their construction. Kayaks have leg and back rests, cockpit, straight bow and stern parts. Canoes have raised extremities and no rests inside the boat.
In kayak rowers sit in cockpit or on top of the boat and in canoe they place insidecorps. As a result, kayaks are more stable and resistant.
Kayaks are driven by double-bladed oars, and canoes have only one-bladed oars. In first boat usually is luggage compartment, but in second you will have transom for motors.
The main advantage of canoe is high speed, but kayak is much more comfortable for rowers.
Both boats can be a part of interesting and breathtaking experience. And with RentIn you can rent kayak in Dubai and explore the world of adventure!
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How to organize the best picnic?

The best rest with friends and family you can make outdoors. And here are 5 things, on which you need to pay attention.
Place and time. It’s one of the most important things. The best option will be park or beach, where you will have enough space for everyone. Also, it’s better to meet your friends in the morning, so, you will have more time to chat and relax. And don’t forget about place where you can hide from the scorching sun.
Menu. Ask your guests about what they eat. And after that, plan a menu. Include many fruits, vegetables, greenery, snacks and enough water and soft drinks.
Dishes and other details. The beast picnic needs high quality, beautiful plates, cups and napkins. Take care about grill, embers, matches or lighter. Of course the most important detail is your good mood!
Furniture. For comfortable and cozy picnic don’t forget about comfortable folding chairs, table and blankets. Also, you can take with hammock or inflatable mattress.
Entertainments. Remember about board games, …

5 cozy apartments for rent

As you know, RentIn is a web-portal for goods rental. Today we have more than 1600 apartments in our catalogue, and we want to present you 5 cozy apartments from our website, you should take a look at them.
1. Exclusive duplex apartmentwith 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It has amazing huge glass window from ceiling to the ground. Also in this apartment you will have: basement parking , built in wardrobes, central air conditioning and heating. It is fully furnished with all kitchen goods and Jacuzzi.

2. Furnished 3 bedroomplus maid's room apartment in the luxurious Emaar 6. There is an open plan lounge, closed fitted kitchen with breakfast bar, guest WC, maids room & balcony with partial marina views. The apartment in Al fairooz, Dubai Marina, comes with 2 underground parking spaces and access to free gym and communal swimming pool.

3. Premium located 1bedroom fully furnished apartment. Itlocated in a luxurious tower in Dubai Marina. Furnished with modern design furniture. Access to…

Fishing from yacht, what you should know.

On RentIn you can find beautiful yachts for fishing, with all useful equipment. But if you are not skilled fisher, we have some tips for you.
First of all, you need to be prepared for trolling fishing. It’s better to know where and what fish you will try to get. So you can prepare all needed equipment:coil, fishing line, fishing rod, baits etc.
So, when you are ready to fishing, you can start with the most interesting part - play the fish. The stopper on the reel should be set up so that the line goes out quietly, but with a small load - no more than 25% of the breaking force of the line. Let the fish quietly eat the bait and swim into the sea, ringing a rattle and calling the fishermen to the battle. Playing the fish simply means allowing the fish to pull against the rod, line and drag so it tires itself out. A tired fish will roll on its side or belly, which makes it much easier to land. On the yacht you will need a hook to pull out the fish.
Finally, you should be ready to calm, kill …

5 reasons to rent a bicycle in Dubai

Today more and more people choose a bike as transport. And today we will talk about advantages of using a bike.
Firstly, it is good for your health. Ride a bike improves your metabolism, increases endurance and reduces stress. In general, you will be much healthier, if you often ride a bicycle.
Secondly, you will forget about car problems. You don’t need to look for a parking, buy gasoline or spend hours in traffic jams. You will be free and independent.
Another reason to choose a bike is environmental protection. If you don’t use gasoline, you don’t produce exhausts. It is the eco-friendly type of transport.
Also, bicycle will help you to be fit. 30 minutes riding is a great cardio training. Your muscles will be in tone and fat burns fast. So if you want to keep fit, renting a bikecouple times in a week is a good idea.
Finally, it is cheap and convenient. It is usually faster than public transport or even cars. You will spend more time with friends and family. It will be so enjoyable.
Of c…