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Why everyone choose RentIn?

RentIn is a web-portal that included all goods for rent in UAE in one place. We have large choice of goods with different prices from very budget to luxury.
We offer: ✔Real estateCarsYachtsAvia ✔Equipment for sporttourism ✔Event & exhibition equipment ✔Equipment for babies and toddlers ✔Construction equipment
Our advantages: • Convenience. RentIn helps the users to find all that they need at one place, simplifies searching of goods and reduces user’s time for searching. • Ease to use. The site is very simple to use. You quickly and easily find the product you need. The site is based on the concepts of ui/ux. • Varieties of goods. RentIn gives the users an opportunity to take in a rent the goods, that you can’t find on another web-sites for rent. Large choice of goods • Any price range. We have large choice of goods with different prices from very budget to luxury. • Free online concierge. Contact our FREE concierge service in all social networks and messengers: Facebook, Instagram, Li…

Kids party features

Regardless of the occasion of the celebration, your children always need an unforgettable and magical holiday!
Nowadays, the possibilities for organizing children's parties are endless! However, successful, original and colorful celebrations composed from a lot of components: properly developed themes, high-quality costumes and surroundings, participation of professional animators, a unique program and a suitable venue for the celebration, and much more. How to make a holiday truly unforgettable?
Kid’s party features: • you need enough space not only for kids, but for parents too. If you have to organize a holiday for a large company of children, then the holiday can be held in a cafe, park, entertainment center or in nature, on the equipped playgrounds of holiday homes or children's camps.
• number of guests shouldn’t be big. Psychologists advise to invite for the party as many children as the age of your child.If there are too many children, they can break up into small companie…

4 reasons to rent baby equipment on RentIn!

Dear parents and grandparents. We are happy to tell you, that on our web-site you can find baby equipment for rent.
It became even more easy to choose and rent a product: just choose needed on our web-site and contact our online concierge.
We offer baby's products of excellent quality in excellent condition, which makes no sense to buy, but in which there is an urgent need for a short period of time.
There are 4 reasons to rent baby equipment: • it is profitable. You can save a lot of money. Newborn products are expensive, and hire gives you the opportunity to save a significant part of the family budget and at the same time give your baby all the best. • it is reasonable.Renting allows you to try the products for children before you buy them and decide whether they are suitable for you, whether they like your child. • it is affordable. On our web-site are good prices and a huge range of goods. • it is convenient. You can quickly and easily rent all, what you need or ask our online co…

The car has become what it is, thanks to the woman.

Karl Benz would not have become a famous pioneer of the auto industry, if his beautiful wife Berta didn’t help him.
Berta was confident that her husband’s creation could turn the world around. And when the inventor completely despaired of selling his three-wheeled creation, she took two teenage sons, sat down in his "car with a gas engine," and went on a long journey - to her mother in another city.
On the way, Bertha encountered many technical problems, but she didn’t give up. And returned home to her husband, convinced him to equip the car with third gear, fuel tank, change the engine cooling system, and completely redo useless wooden brake pads.
It was this trip and her belief in the genius of Karl Benz that completely changed the automotive world.
And today you can rent Mercedes-Benz cars on RentIn!
Rent it on Rentin!

5 best villas on RentIn

As you know, RentIn is a web-portal for goods rental. Today we have a large number of villas in our catalogue, and we want to present you 5 cozy villas from our website, you should take a look at them.
1. Charming Lime Tree Valley Almira 5-bedroom villa, Stunning view of the Golf Course and Lake. This beautiful Almeria is located in Lime Tree Valley. As you enter the villa, light floods through from the central courtyard, the entire downstairs living area wraps around the courtyard area. The kitchen is open plan and flows into the breakfast area and living room, perfect for family living and entertaining.Around the corner are a formal dining area and family room. Patio doors open out to the pool, BBQ, and stunning golf views.
2. 2-bedoom villa at the very center of the Arabian Ranches community, Alma Townhomes. Enjoy a privileged location. To one side is the central lake, a haven of calm and on the other is the retail center, a hub of activity. Step out and you’ll find yourself just a s…

Catering equipment for your event!

Do you organize big event or party? Food is one of the most important parts of the event. Family events is very popular to organize in the open air, and business events, often are in conference hall without kitchen.

Catering is a service that consists in organizing catering services. Catering covers various events, including weddings and anniversaries, receptions, banquets, parties, picnics, presentations and corporate events. Especially popular catering service is in the UAE, where is a relaxing atmosphere all year round and various parties are held.
Catering is indispensable in those cases if you plan to organize an event with a large number of guests. In the specified place at the right time delivered the necessary utensils and furniture. A wide range of dishes allows you to choose the best menu for any occasion.
On RentIn we have for rent all, what you need: glasses, plates, chairs, tables, tents and more! Rent catering equipment on RentIn.

SUP-yoga: you should try it!

You can breathe life into the usual practice or you can diversify your fitness routine with yoga classes on SUP.
SUP is a new kind of sport looks like surfing with a paddle. SUP Yoga is a fun way to strengthen your muscles and a great balance workout. The slightest movement of weight changes the position of the board below you. SUP-guru will help to rebuild the technique and quickly "make friends" with the board. You will learn to hear your body like never before. Even the movement of the little finger is important!
UNFORGETTABLE EMOTIONS Falling off the board into the water and rising again is the fun part of the workout.
MAGIC WATER Water affects a person in the most relaxing way. The sound of water soothes the mind, and it helps to relax muscles better.
BALANCE IN SOUL - BALANCE IN BODY Performing a balance asana on the board is a difficult job. But it will not be given to the one whose mind is concerned about thoughts about work, experiences. Controlling the body - calm the min…