Real estate: rent or purchase in Dubai? Statistics 2018

Dubai is often recognized as a country with a good standard of living, good business conditions and relatively inexpensive cost of renting real estate.

But what is better in Dubai in 2018? Rent or purchase of housing?
The average rental price throughout Dubai increased by 0.1% compared to the first quarter of 2017.
The average rental price of 1BR increased by 2.6%, and the average price for renting villas with four bedrooms increased by 3.3%. But prices for renting apartments with three bedrooms has decreased by 3.8%. Decreasing of prices was also in noticed in the most popular regions (Dubai Marina - 2.4%, Downtown Dubai - 4.6%, Dubai Silicon Oasis - 15.6%)

Prices for the purchase of housing
The average price of real estate in Dubai has decreased to 0.7%. But mention that the average selling price of housing in Dubai Marina increased by 15.5% with a general falling trend.
This leads to the fact that it is more profitable in Dubai to rent real estate both for renters and tenants.


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