Advantages mountain bikes.

Today exist so many types of bicycle: road bicycle, hybrid bicycle, desert bicycle, mountain bicycle. Which one will be a good choice? Many specialists think, that mountain bikes are the most practical and universal. It’s true, because they are really very comfortable, reliable and durable. Besides, they don’t need special care and have very big opportunities. For example, mountain bike may be used for riding on flat asphalt or on off-road.

Similar models have strong and wide wheels. Also, they have very powerful tread and large number of gears. So we can make conclusion, that this transport has great speed and good ability to overcome obstacles.

Frame in this type of cycles is lightweight, but strong. Besides, it has special geometry and amortization plug, what makes you off-road trip much easier.

And the last but not least. Mountain bikes permanently improving their quality. In contrast to road bicycle and hybrid bicycle, they regularly get new opportunities.

So, if you are looking for universal, high speed and strong bike, look at mountain bicycle. And, of course, on RetnIn you can rent good bicycle.


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