Wakeboard or water ski?

If you are bored with lying down on a beach, then maybe you want to try some water sport. Today exists many kinds of activity, but the most popular are wakeboard and water ski. But what is better? Let’s look at the difference between them.

Water-skiing it’s a sport, where sportsman ride after powerboat and balance on one or two ski.

Wakeboarding is a sport, which consist of riding on board. It combines skiing and snowboarding.

They look very similar, but have some interesting differences.

 Level of difficulty

Professionals find ski much easier, than board. How complicated it will be exactly for you depends on many reasons. For people who can ski, it will be better don't change their habits. Or, if you can snowboard, skateboard, then choose a board. Generally, learning how to ride will take only 15-20 minutes.

Traction options

Riding wakeboard is possible with 2 ways: motor boat or cable route. Riding ski is carried out only with a help of powerboat.

Different technique of riding

During riding water ski, sportsmen look straight holding your legs parallel. Legs are separated and it needed to keep all your body in suspense. In general, technique is very similar to usual skiing.

Wakeboarding include techniques of snowboarding, surfing and skiing. Both legs are on a board. You need to keep your weight directly in center between legs. Turning is possible with help of all body.

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