How to create name for yacht?

Before people named their ships like their first love or animals. But this times have passed. In modern world we have yacht name fashion. Boats usually have simple short name, big yachts vice versa can have long, from several words, name. Often this names can tell us something about owner, or country, or city. Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything, it is just beautiful word or phrase. Usually owners choose simple or funny names.

For inspiration we have some examples of funny unusual yacht names:
• «Crazy me»
• «Why knot»
• «Nevertheless»
• «Living the dream»
• «My choice»
• «No limit»
• «One more time»
• «Cappuccino»
• «Quid pro quo»
• «Mr. Lucky»
• «Lady Knock-Knock»
• «Double trouble»
• «Wild Baby»
• «My way»

As we see, ship’s title can be very different: funny, romantic, mystic, solemn etc. They can mean something or to be senseless. Any way you can find yacht for rent on RentIn with a name on your taste. Rent it on RentIn!


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