How to organize desert safari?

Before we start, we need to remind you, that solo desert safari is dangerous, but if you follow the rules it will be the most unforgettable experience in your life.

Desert safari is very popular entertainment in Dubai. Travelers like this extreme adventure between colorful dunes. So let’s look what we will need for desert safari.

First of all, you will need a good jeep. You can rent a car on It’s better to go into wilderness with your friends and other cars. It will be much easier to pull automobile if someone will get stuck. Tell someone where you are going. If you don’t come back in time, they will start looking for you.

Prepare enough water and food; take headdress, sunglasses and first-aid kit (don't forget to take seasickness pills). Also put in your baggage spare wheel, jack, cable, shovel and wooden bars to pull the car out of the sand. It can be useful to take one extra gasoline canister.

And again, don’t forget that desert is dangerous. There you can easy lose your way, get heat or sunstroke. Don’t leave your car if it is break. Jeep makes a shadow and it is better seen from helicopters.

And if you all have done right it will be incredible adventure!


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