What is surf ski?

Surf ski is relatively new kind of sport. It includes elements from surfing, kayaking and paddling.

Surf ski is the most versatile watercraft. You can paddle it on rivers, lakes or oceans. In flat water, chop, big ocean and everything in between. You can easily go upwind or downwind and surf wind waves. The possibilities are endless.

Also, this is very safe kind of sport. The ability to capsize and easily remount a surf ski combined with self-bailing, makes it considerably safer than any kayak.

If you will often paddle, it can be really good addition to running or training in gym. During the ride you can work out your core, spine, shoulders, arms. For mans, this is a good possibility to reach perfect V-shape of body.

In contrast to usual sports, surf ski is a low injury sport. If you will follow some rules and technique, your arms and shoulders will be protected. And you can enjoy long paddling journey. If you fall from your board, it wouldn’t hurt more, than usual falling from bicycle.

Finally, it is super easy to learn how to paddle. It is available for anyone from 8 to 70 years old and any gender.

Surf ski paddling is a great fun in all conditions!


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