Formula One in UAE

This year RentIn is a partner of Formula-1 in UAE. And we want to tell you a little bit more about this exiting competition.

First time Formula-1 came to Abu Dhabi in 2007 as Formula One Festival. At the festival it was announced Grand Prix 2009 in Abu Dhabi.

The track located on Yas Island, but Grand Prix names “Grand Prix Abu Dhabi”. Because this island is a part of emirate Abu Dhabi.

Track Yas Marina has many features. First of all, on this track racers should drive in changing conditions. They start in a day, when sun shines, and finish, at night with artificial lighting. It is very difficult.

Secondly, it is an unusually long straight, one of the longest among all straight lines on F1. All tribunes of autodrome are covered. It’s unique in all tracks, where pass parts of Formula One.

And the last feature is hotel in center of track. It has 5 stars and 550 rooms. You can watch the race from your windows.

And how about you? Will you follow Formula-1?


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