What is the difference between kayak and canoe?

Such boats as kayak and canoe are very popular today. They are maneuverable and light. This boats can sail in places where usual vessel will have many difficulties. But not everyone knows the difference between kayak and canoe.

The main difference is their construction. Kayaks have leg and back rests, cockpit, straight bow and stern parts. Canoes have raised extremities and no rests inside the boat.

In kayak rowers sit in cockpit or on top of the boat and in canoe they place inside corps. As a result, kayaks are more stable and resistant.

Kayaks are driven by double-bladed oars, and canoes have only one-bladed oars. In first boat usually is luggage compartment, but in second you will have transom for motors.

The main advantage of canoe is high speed, but kayak is much more comfortable for rowers.

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