What is sport SUP?

Did you know, that Standup paddle boarding (SUP) is almost an Olympic sport? Yes, it’s surprising, but on paddleboard you can not only relax.

Nowadays, SUP surfing is very popular, because it is simple and everyone can learn it. It doesn’t depend to how fit you are. For many people it is a way to be close to nature and relax.

But today there are also SUP races. For professional SUP riders paddle boarding is really difficult sport, where you will need special training.

SUP is young kind of sport. First world championship was in 2012 in Peru. SUP racing has 4 basic disciplines: Sprint, Longdistanse race, Technical race and SUP surfing. Sprint is the fastest and short term race. Usually it is only 200-500 meters long. Longdistance race is a long marathon. It is 15-20 meters long and lasts 1,5-2 hours. Technical race has several circles with distance 2-5 km. It includes carrying the board along the shore and passing the surf wave. SUP surfing has same rules with classic surfing.

And what about you? Have you ever tried SUP?
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