How to make magic new year for kids?

New year is lovely feast for kids. But it is important to make it interesting for them. You can involve them in every process starting with preparation.
All starts with big three. Your kids can help you to choose one and to decorate it. Then you can make together colorful invitations cards. Even if you are planning to celebrate new year only with family member. It will be good idea to make Christmas cards with your family photos.

 For the new year evening prepare plane of games. Outdoor activities and games for a little quiet time. Don’t forget about competition for the best carnival costume. But everyone should get something pleasant.

Another important activity is dances. Choose famous new year’s songs and kids will be happy to dance a little bit with you.

Of course the culmination of the evening is meeting with Santa Claus. Prepare a man for this role. He can give presents not only for kids, but for adults too.

At the end you can make some fireworks in your garden. Be attentive with pyrotechnics. Little kids can be scared with loud sounds. Fireworks will be interesting not only for kids, but for the adults too.

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