First steps in Paddleboarding

Have you ever tried Paddle boarding? SUP is good that rowing on a SUP-board happens intuitively. Any newbie can stand on the board, take the paddle in his hands and start to move somewhere. Today we want to give some useful advices for your first time on board.

Launching. For your first ride it’s better to choose calm water area without boats and river trams. Sand beach will be perfect. You can start to row on knee deep. Entering the water, remember that one day you will want to return to shore. So look for a place where the water level will not change in a couple of hours and will not prevent you to approach.

Position on the board. Put your legs on board parallel, face to nose. Board’s handle should be between your feet. Rest your feet on the board, feel good support under your feet and bend your knees slightly. Bend the body slightly forward to stay on the board in case of fall.

How to row on SUP. Keep paddle with two hands. On hand on the top and other on the middle of shaft. Row slowly, making smooth movements with whole body. Paddle should go near the board from nose till your heel. Ever 3-4 stroke change hands.

Come ashore. At the end of your ride do not crash the fin into the shore, jump off the board in advance. On the beach, do not leave the sapboard flipper down - it can be stepped on or jumped and break.

SUP is very easy and it will be enjoyable experience for anyone. On RentIn you can rent paddle board for AED 150 per day.


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