How helicopter was invented?

About the creation of the apparatus, which could take off vertically, mankind was thinking back in ancient times. But first famous drawing of such a device was made by Leonardo da Vinci. He made a drawing of some aircraft, but today we know that it couldn’t fly.

Much better idea had Mikhail Lomonosov, Russian scientist. He tried to make a project such kind of machine. His idea was to build a machine that would fly up vertically and be driven by two screws. But he didn’t finish it. Actually he was trying to build apparatus for meteorological measurements.

The first ever successful vertical flight was made by the brothers Louis and Jacques Breguet, and Charles Richet who worked with them. By the way, this flight was not manned, and the device itself flew on a leash. It was August 24, 1907 and this day is “birthday” of helicopter. The Breguet brothers' machine weighed more than 500 kilograms and was equipped with two engines and four wide propellers. The device left the ground half a meter and stayed in the air for about a minute.

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