How to choose your perfect bike?

There are many reasons, why to ride bicycle today is very prestigious. Do you want to join to bikes owners? So read carefully our article.

Good bike is like a good suit; it should be picked up especially for you. Bike should fit to your high and weight, fit for your routes.

Firstly, you need to choose type of bike. There are many options: city bike, cruiser, folding bicycle, road bike, mountain bike, desert bike, hybrid. The choice of a particular type will depend on where and how long you are planning to ride.

Consider your height. Before you choose a bicycle measure your height as accurately as possible. As higher you are as bigger frame you will need.

Consider your weight. Usual bikes designed for weight up to 100-120 kg. If your weight is bigger, then think about mountain bike. Its construction distributes the weight of the person evenly between the wheel and the seat. And if you weight is 150 kg and more 3-wheels bike will suit perfectly for you. The main criterion is maximum strength and minimum extra details.

Gender. There is little difference between man’s and woman’s bicycles. Usually they are lighter and have other design. Lowered frame allows you to ride even in a skirt. Lightweight design and soft suspension will ensure maximum ride comfort.

That’s all what you need to choose the best bike. And we remind, that any bicycle for rent you can find on


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