How to use our FREE online concierge service?

Do you know, that we have free online concierge service? This service will help you to choose any goods for rent and book them. And we want to show you how easy you can use it.

You need to make only 3 steps to rent something via our online concierge.

Step 1. Think about what are you looking for. What do you want to rent? We have large choice of goods: cars, apartments, yachts; event, exhibition, sport and tourist equipment.

Step 2. Choose the most convenient way to contact us: we have a chat on our web site or you can contact us via What’s App, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and Skype.

Step 3. Give us details. What, when and how long you want to rent. We will check if it’s free or offer you the other options. So you can choose the best deal and we will help you to book it.

And this is it. Our online concierge will help you to book all what you want.

Rent it on RentIn!


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