What you should know about shot term rent?

Sort term apartment rental is very popular today. And this is not surprisingly, because you can rent a flat when you arrive in a city or book in advance. So, you can find comfortable accommodation fast, safe, and often cheaper than a hotel room. But there are some little details, that you should know about it.

• Firstly, bona fide landlord will make an agreement with you.
• Honest landlords don’t take money for booking an apartment, only for days what you will live.
• Ask about penalty for damage to property.
• Rent a flat as close as possible to your destination.
• Ask the owner about parties in rental flat.

These rules are very simple, but sometimes people get in troubles, because they forgot them.

And now, we want to recommend you some good short term apartments for rent:
1. Two-bedroom apartment in Yansoon. Living some days in Old town is very attractive opportunity.
2. JBR Shams 2 bed apartment marina view. It is the most dynamic and most lovely locations in Dubai.
3. JBR Murjan One Studio Flat. The studio for rent is a fantastic choice full-filling travelers’ interests where you have over 200 restaurants, cafes, shopping venues, activities and beach all available within walking distance.
4. JBR Murjan One Room Apartment. Luxury and cozy 1-bed apartment in Dubai Marina is a perfect option if you would like to rent a flat and enjoy your leisure time.
5. Downtown Dubai Modern Two Bed Apartment. Luxuriously furnished and upgraded with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on the 27th floor facing the Bussiness bay water.

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