Ras Al Khaimah tourism.

Conquest of the peaks Ras Al Khaimah is an amazing experience, which you will never forget. Picturesque landscapes are here not uncommon. This is a vast desert and flowering oases, conservation areas and date farms, mountain ranges and an extensive coastline. Here nature is in all its manifestations.

Among nature lovers who come to this Emirate, prefer to go hiking in the Grand Canyon in Wadi Bee. Although if you wish, you can take a bike ride. All necessary sport equipment you can rent on RentIn. The grand scale of the canyon can amaze even experienced travelers. The height of the mountain cliffs reaches 1 thousand meters above sea level. From this height there are truly fascinating views of the surrounding countryside and the waters of the bay.

Here, guests and tourists will be offered a variety of holiday destinations, from a serene beach holiday to active and frankly extreme sports. You are expected not only to city attractions and architectural monuments, you will plunge into the world of natural resources and protected areas.

Especially active tourists can test their abilities in various competitions. For example, in the valley are often held cycling and walking races. Moreover, the cross runs among the picturesque landscapes of the Grand Canyon.

Go climbing or take an exciting bike ride, then all the stresses of modern civilization will leave you, and you will get positive energy for many months


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