The biggest helicopter in the world!

The B-12 (Mi-12 or Homer) is the heaviest and biggest helicopter in the world. The B-12 was developed as a super heavy transport helicopter commissioned by the military to transport components of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The first flight of the helicopter was made on July 10, 1968, and on August 6, 1969 - B-12 lifted a load of 44,205 kg to a height of 2,255 m, setting a world record for helicopter lifting capacity.

For the creation of this helicopter, the American Helicopter Association awarded developers a prize, awarded for outstanding achievements in helicopter technology. Despite the amazing development, the program was curtailed as unnecessary.

Crew: 6 people.
Passengers: 196 people.
Max. speed: 260 km / h
Flight range: 1000 km

It was built only 2 helicopters B-12.

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