What you should know about shot term rent?

Sort term apartment rental is very popular today. And this is not surprisingly, because you can rent a flat when you arrive in a city or book in advance. So, you can find comfortable accommodation fast, safe, and often cheaper than a hotel room. But there are some little details, that you should know about it.
• Firstly, bona fide landlord will make an agreement with you. • Honest landlords don’t take money for booking an apartment, only for days what you will live. • Ask about penalty for damage to property. • Rent a flat as close as possible to your destination. • Ask the owner about parties in rental flat.
These rules are very simple, but sometimes people get in troubles, because they forgot them.
And now, we want to recommend you some good short term apartments for rent: 1. Two-bedroom apartment in Yansoon. Living some days in Old town is very attractive opportunity. 2. JBR Shams 2 bed apartment marina view. It is the most dynamic and most lovely locations in Dubai. 3. JBR Murjan One St…

How helicopter was invented?

About the creation of the apparatus, which could take off vertically, mankind was thinking back in ancient times. But first famous drawing of such a device was made by Leonardo da Vinci. He made a drawing of some aircraft, but today we know that it couldn’t fly.

Much better idea had Mikhail Lomonosov, Russian scientist. He tried to make a project such kind of machine. His idea was to build a machine that would fly up vertically and be driven by two screws. But he didn’t finish it. Actually he was trying to build apparatus for meteorological measurements.
The first ever successful vertical flight was made by the brothers Louis and Jacques Breguet, and Charles Richet who worked with them. By the way, this flight was not manned, and the device itself flew on a leash. It was August 24, 1907 and this day is “birthday” of helicopter. The Breguet brothers' machine weighed more than 500 kilograms and was equipped with two engines and four wide propellers. The device left the ground half a m…

Motorcycle or car?

Car or motorcycle? What to choose? This is almost eternal question. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. And today we will talk about what is the difference between them.
If you are looking for a transport for a big family. Your choice is a car. On a motorcycle, there is usually only room for two people. But if you want to look very cool motorcycle is the best decision for you. With the simplest motorcycle you will look and feel cool. On a motorcycle, speed is more noticeably than by car and gives more adrenaline. And usually they are faster.
From the point of view of safety car is much better, than motorcycle. Also, car has spacious trunk, where you can put all your luggage.
But with motorcycle traffic jam wouldn’t stop you, because when all the cars are standing and honking, you calmly ride between them. But don’t forget about moto equipment.
But no matter what you have chosen, we have and cars and motorcycles for rent on RentIn! Choose what do you like more.
What do you p…

For what were necessary figures on cars?

Did you know that this little figure on the hood had practical use? In early cars, the radiator cap was opened separately from the hood and it could indicate which temperature had coolant. The Boyce MotoMeter received a patent and began installing thermometers on the radiator caps that were visible to drivers. So car companies explored, that it can be an element of their branding. After some time, it became unnecessary. Also, statistics were collected that figures increase the number of pedestrian injuries in collisions. But some companies still put little beautiful figure on hood. They provided them with mechanisms that fold or draw figures inside with a sharp blow. For example, on this beautiful Rolls Royce Wraith is little figure of the goddess Nike. You can rent it on RentIn to see how it hides inside the hood.

How to use our FREE online concierge service?

Do you know, that we have free online concierge service? This service will help you to choose any goods for rent and book them. And we want to show you how easy you can use it.
You need to make only 3 steps to rent something via our online concierge.
Step 1. Think about what are you looking for. What do you want to rent? We have large choice of goods: cars, apartments, yachts; event, exhibition, sport and tourist equipment.
Step 2. Choose the most convenient way to contact us: we have a chat on our web site or you can contact us via What’s App, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and Skype.
Step 3. Give us details. What, when and how long you want to rent. We will check if it’s free or offer you the other options. So you can choose the best deal and we will help you to book it.
And this is it. Our online concierge will help you to book all what you want.
Rent it on RentIn!

First steps in Paddleboarding

Have you ever tried Paddle boarding? SUP is good that rowing on a SUP-board happens intuitively. Any newbie can stand on the board, take the paddle in his hands and start to move somewhere. Today we want to give some useful advices for your first time on board.
Launching. For your first ride it’s better to choose calm water area without boats and river trams. Sand beach will be perfect. You can start to row on knee deep. Entering the water, remember that one day you will want to return to shore. So look for a place where the water level will not change in a couple of hours and will not prevent you to approach.
Position on the board. Put your legs on board parallel, face to nose. Board’s handle should be between your feet. Rest your feet on the board, feel good support under your feet and bend your knees slightly. Bend the body slightly forward to stay on the board in case of fall.
How to row on SUP. Keep paddle with two hands. On hand on the top and other on the middle ofshaft. Row slow…

5 best yachts on RentIn

As you know, RentIn is a web-portal for goods rental. Today we have more than 50 yachts in our catalogue, and we want to present you 5 best offers from our website, you should take a look at them.
1. Luxury 50-ft yacht. It is prefect for little group of friends. Not too small, and not too big. This medium yacht can place maximum 16 guests on board.It has everything for incredible yacht party.

2. 55-ft yacht. This medium yacht can place maximum 20 guests on board.It has everything for party: soft drinks & ice, tea and coffee, home theater, music system and at extra cost you will get 5-star catering on board.

3. 70-ft yacht. This 70-ft yacht has 4 bedrooms, where you will fill like in a 5-star hotel! It has wise dining area and kitchen, where you can prepare delicious food and celebrate your birthday with your family.

4. 88 feet Virgo I is incredibly beautiful and luxury super-yacht with an exclusive interior. This spacious and fantabulous yacht includes such a special detail as swimmin…